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            single shaft shredder

            Single shaft shredder introduction:

            Single shaft shredder's design can meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries.It is suitable for plastic, paper, wood, fiber, rubber, garbage recycling treatment, etc., a wide variety of recyclable materials, we according to the material feeding size, output and final product size for customers configuration of the best scheme.The shredded material can be directly recycled or further refined according to demand.

            Single-axis shredding machine adopts PLC programming control system, which can be automatically controlled. It has the functions of starting, stopping, reversing and overloading automatic reversing control. It has the characteristics of low speed, large torque and low noise.Depending on the type of material, the output of the single shaft shredder is about 300 kg/h to 5000 kg/h.

            Single shaft  shredder product characteristics:

            1. Removable installation of cutter grain, easy maintenance;

            2, Pusher forced feeding, improve production efficiency;

            3. Disassembly and replacement of screen mesh can change the particle size of discharging material at any time;

            4, motor and reducer are equipped with shock absorber device, reduce the impact;

            5. Integral machining cutter roller ensures the shear gap between cutter grain and fixed cutter;

            6, Closed bearing protection design, waterproof and dustproof, prolong the service life of bearings;

            7. PLC monitors the motor current, and the cutter shaft automatically reverses when the load is overloaded to protect the motor;

            8. For materials with low melting point, it is equipped with cutter shaft cooling system to prevent materials from being scorched due to high temperature.

            Cutting principle of single axis shredder:

            The cutting part of the single-axis shredder is composed of a cutter roller, a cutter grain, a fixed cutter and a screen mesh. The minimum installation clearance between a cutter grain and a fixed cutter is 0.1mm.

            The motor drives the cutter roller to rotate at high speed through the reducer, so that the cutter grain installed on the cutter roller forms cutting with the fixed cutter. After a cutting, if the size of the material is less than the aperture of the screen, the material is discharged from the mesh, otherwise the material is cut twice or many times in the cutter box, and the material can be discharged until the size of the material is reached.

            Single shaft crusher application:

            Plastic products: film;Ton bag;PET bottle;Plastic bucket.Steel tubes;Plastic board.And so on.

            Hard plastics: plastic head material;Fiber;High strength engineering plastics (ABS, PC, PPS);And so on.

            2. A log;The root;Wooden pallets;Wooden packaging;And so on.

            Industrial waste: wire and cable;Light metals, such as cans, aluminum scrap, etc.Large home appliances, such as TV shell, washing machine shell, refrigerator shell, computer shell, circuit board, etc.Solid waste, such as domestic waste, medical waste, industrial waste, etc.

            Others: rubber, textiles, composite glass fiber products, etc


            Single shaft shredding model selection:


            S series single shaft shredder


            1. Power supply voltage can be selected according to customer's specific power supply requirements;
            2. Material composition and discharge size requirements will affect the crushing yield.
            The above specifications are for reference only and subject to change without prior notice.Please confirm with our sales representative before ordering.
               We welcome you to transport the solid waste to the test machine. After the test machine, we will send the samples of the broken material back free of charge and provide the test machine video, so that you can stay at home to understand the crushing effect of our equipment.