Zibo United T echMachinery Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo City, Shandong Province.Since its inception, the company is fully committed to environmental protection and recycling industry machinery and equipment development, design, manufacturing, sales and service.We focus on the purpose of environmental protection recycling, through scientific and technological innovation to maintain environmental protection, the English name of the company "United Tech" is to learn advanced technology concept, through excellence in research and development and production, manufacturing the most practical, the highest cost performance of environmental protection, waste material recycling equipment.


            Our main products are, single shredding machine, double shredding machine, four shaft shredding machine, powerful crusher, plastic crusher, the rubber crusher, wood/branch grinder, waste plastic recycling cleaning line, automobile shell broken wire, tire recycling line, copper meter machine, aluminum-plastic separation recycling line, appliance recycling production line, the urban solid waste recycling equipment, etc., and can according to customer requirements to provide special separation recycling equipment.


            We manufacture solid waste shredding machine apply to including plastic cans, plastic buckets, medical waste, waste tires, eat hutch waste, urban waste, living garbage, dead animals, RDF refuse derived fuel, chemical waste, plant residues, glass bottles, waste electrical and electronic, computer hard disk, waste household appliances, large diameter steel drum, biological straw, clothing fabrics, garden waste and so on.


            In the global scope, we are looking for business partners and agents in various countries to actively friendly cooperation.


            We are willing to work with our customers and friends to discuss the application of technology, to help customers in solid waste and waste treatment industry to improve production efficiency, product quality and added value, so as to stand out from the competition of peers.

            Welcome customers to visit our factory!